A network for research and land exchange in the Mediterranean


The FONCIMED network comes from a strong desire of researchers and practitioners from Mediterranean countries working on the land issue or confronted with this issue in the context of their activities. It focuses on land governance and the uses of natural resources at diverse scales of analysis: the study of land and water uses, their changes, and their institutional framework. The FONCIMED network is coordinated by researchers from INRAE-France.

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Organizing an international conference every two years, which takes place in a different Mediterranean country each time. Annual meetings between network members intended to discuss on the progress and work of the network, as well as the programming of the next conference. Exchanges of young researchers, doctoral or post-doctoral students working on the field of land governance and uses of natural resources.

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In this section of our website you can find all our publications. After each conference the Book of Abstracts is published, as well special editions and special issues in scientific journals.
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